Challenging an executor can be difficult, QEL has the experience and expertise to help you during this time.  If you are require further information regarding challenging an executor, please call us on 1300 580 413

Disagreeing with the Executor

It is the executor’s job to act in the best interest of the estate. If you do not believe they are, you have the right to challenge and  review them in court.

This may occur in certain events, such as if the executor is in a position of conflict or if the executor is a Public Trustee. In these situations, you may feel the Executor is benefiting them rather than looking at the best interest of all beneficiaries.

If it is proved that the Executor is not behaving appropriately a new Executor will be selected.


What can i expect to pay?

When challenging a will, a successful claim will be covered by the estate. However if the challenge is unsuccessful the person who challenged it will be liable for their own fees incurred.

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