What are Letters of Administration?

Understanding Letters of Administration & When You Need Them

If a person dies with a will, the person who administers the estate is the Executor. However, when someone dies intestate – without a will – a family member or creditor can apply to the Supreme Court to be appointed an ‘Administrator’ to undertake the role. As there is no will to confer the authority, Letters of Administration gives the Administrator the right to deal with the intestate’s assets and to distribute them to any beneficiaries in accordance with the Succession Act.

There is a second type of Letters of Administration: where there is a will but the executor named has already died or declines to take up the role and another person is granted authority by the court to act in their place.

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Letters of Administration

When might a Letter of Administration be needed?

A Letter of Administration must be applied for whenever someone dies intestate - without a will - leaving estate assets other than only minor assets or only jointly owned property.

A grant of letters of administration is also needed if there is a will but the executor has already died or declines to take on the role.

When a person dies without a valid will; or if the named executor has already died or declines to take on the role, it is usually a spouse or adult child that makes the application to be authorised to administer the estate.

A court will grant letters of administration after considering the necessary documents if it is satisfied that the person seeking the grant should be the authorised to administer the estate.

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Handling an estate begins with making a competent application to the court for the appropriate grant authority to administer the estate. The steps to be completed along the way are numerous.

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